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If the thought of drills makes you want to avoid the dentist, fear not — laser dentistry can provide the dental care you need with far less anxiety or discomfort. At Teeth by Keith: Keith Marshall, DDS in Gramercy Park, Manhattan, experienced dentist Dr. Marshall uses laser dentistry for procedures, including fillings, root canal, and sleep apnea treatment. To learn more about laser dentistry, schedule an appointment at the New York City office online or over the phone.

Laser Dentistry Q & A

What is laser dentistry? 

Laser dentistry refers to the use of lasers to treat dental and oral health conditions. It’s an alternative to traditional treatment approaches, which may involve the use of drills and other metal tools. 

Laser dentistry has a number of applications, including:

  • Detecting cavities in their early stages
  • Removing decay before placing a filling
  • Removing bacteria from gums
  • Preparing teeth for root canals
  • Repairing worn-down fillings
  • Treating tooth sensitivity

Dr. Marshall also offers NightLase® treatment for sleep apnea, which improves breathing and reduces snoring while you sleep. NightLase may be more comfortable and effective than wearing a dental appliance for sleep apnea, such as a mandibular repositioning device.

What are the advantages of laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry can greatly reduce the discomfort, anxiety, and inconvenience that you may associate with dental work.

Many people avoid dental work because they’re uncomfortable with traditional dental drills. Compared with traditional dentistry, laser dentistry causes less pain, so procedures require less anesthesia (or none at all). Lasers are also far quieter than drills, making for a much more pleasant treatment experience.

Usually, laser dentistry means an easier recovery. Lasers are less likely to cause bleeding and swelling than drills, and you’re less likely to need stitches. Healing is usually quicker because lasers cause less damage to the surrounding tissues.

Laser dentistry can also be an excellent preventive tool. Dental lasers are exceptional at killing bacteria and promoting healing. If you get a laser dentistry procedure to treat a cavity or gum infection, you may avoid the need for more serious treatment like a root canal in the future.

What can I expect from laser dentistry?

When you get a laser dentistry procedure at Teeth by Keith: Keith Marshall, DDS, the process is similar to a traditional dentistry procedure but more comfortable and convenient. 

For many procedures, you don’t need anesthesia, or you may need far less than you would for a similar traditional procedure. If you’ve needed sedation to get dental work in the past, you may not find it necessary for laser dentistry.

Laser dentistry is extremely safe. Dr. Marshall uses only FDA-approved lasers for their intended purpose. During the procedure, you can expect to wear eye protection, such as glasses or goggles. 

After your procedure, you may have some discomfort or pain, but it’s far more manageable than traditional dentistry, improves faster, and bleeding is minimal.

Note that depending on the procedure and your dental needs, laser dentistry may not completely substitute for traditional techniques. However, it can at least minimize the use of traditional dental drills and allow for a much more comfortable treatment experience.

To find out more about laser dentistry, call Teeth by Keith: Keith Marshall, DDS, or use the online booking tool.